Mission & Values

Mission & Values

Our Mission Statement

The Ecology Centre is an inclusive, community-led charity.  We inspire positive change through directly connecting people and the natural environment for the benefit of both.


We give people direct experience of working with the environment at our site, while learning about it, in a relaxed and friendly way.

Our methods and styles of environmental involvement, learning and participation are designed to be accessible, to inspire through generating enthusiasm and curiosity.

We value the benefits that people can gain from involvement in our activities not only in terms of learning about ecology and the environment, but by gaining increased confidence and self-esteem through their experiences.

We involve our local community and other interested groups and individuals.

We put emphasis on enabling and encouraging both the young and the over 50’s, plus people with limited opportunities and means, to take advantage of the opportunities available at the Centre.

We actively manage the resources in our care using sustainable ecological principles in all work undertaken at our site, and in our outreach work.

We positively encourage good conservation practices, to enhance wildlife and biodiversity, giving priority to indigenous species of fauna and flora. 

We appreciate and acknowledge the contribution of our volunteers as a valuable asset of the Centre and its work.

We are inclusive and offer a welcome to all, regardless of age, sex, ability or origin.

The Ecology Centre subscribes to the Social Enterprise Code of Practice