An Evening of Storytelling & Drumming


An Evening of Storytelling & Drumming

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The New Seed of the Years first light stirs deep within the Earth…..and a gentle sigh is heard……
Amongst the newly born snowdrops … walks a gentle woman…. In flowing cloak of emerald green … her long golden hair brushed by the bitter chill of the February winds….. and she holds the single candle flame to herald the first stirrings of the Spring that is yet to come … The Goddess Brighid walks amongst us once again ….
Just for a few hours, journey with the storyteller and the drummer into the mysteries of ancient tales … let magic weave stories of awakening worlds, of Gods and Goddesses, of elemental beings … all coming to life again after the deep winter sleep….and the call of the spirit drums can be felt and heard…in the land…in every being…..

Allow yourself to become part of the new life that is emerging at Kinghorn Loch…. THE MAGIC AWAITS…

Cost: £ 15 per person and includes tea and refreshments. Spaces are limited so early booking is essential.

To reserve your place or for further information contact or PM 

Liz : 0758 260 8317 email :
Lynda : 07773 967365 email:
or visit the link on Spirit Tree Visions or Matrix Storytelling Facebook Pages

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