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Thai Reflexology

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Thai reflexology is a powerful treatment that you can benefit from in many ways

Do you need to release stagnant energy, detoxify and bring balance back into your life?

Thai reflexology is hard to find outside of Thailand.

It applies focused pressure to reflex points in your feet using a small wooden stick. This is great for prevention of disease, improved circulation, balancing emotions, and can work on most ailments around the body.

Because there is a corresponding part of the foot for every part of the body, we can work on areas of pain and inflammation without even touching them.

The Thai people use this as a daily practice due to its health benefits, whatever you are carrying I can help you to release it.

And on top of that its also a very relaxing foot massage

Your journey will start with a short consultation. You will then be cocooned in a heated bed with an eye mask placed over your eyes, and a deep inhalation of frankincense essential oil to help you really "zone out" I will then cleanse your feet, before starting the reflexology treatment. Finishing with a chakkra balance to help ground you and send you off with a spring in your step and a topped up energy tank


"I struggle with sciatica and was experiencing a lot of pain all the way through my hip,thigh,knee and ankle. When Jana touched a part of my foot connected to the sciatic area I was amazed. It was really tender and as she worked on it with the stick it started to feel less and less tender and was like an instant release. After the treatment the pain in my hip,thigh, knee and ankle was gone and I felt much more balanced. Couldn't believe it. I really recommend this treatment, I've had reflexology before, but not a Thai one. Working with the stick is very different and feel like much more is released."

"I had blocked sinuses for 2 weeks and when Jana worked on a certain area of my foot it felt like popping candy in my sinuses, and when she had finished they had completely cleared. Unbelievable."

"Today's treatment was thee most amazing Thai reflexology treatment ever! I have never experienced such a healing and highly recommend Jana for this. If you've never had one, have one and I promise you wont be wont be disappointed. I was so relaxed and enjoying it, it took my mind to new places. It was incredible."

"Had a really enjoyable reflexology treatment on Monday. Very relaxing experience, energy levels definatly increased afterwards and no headaches since. Look forward to next visit.

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