Wilder Weans hosted by Feral in Fife


Wilder Weans hosted by Feral in Fife

Wilder Weans hosted by Feral in Fife image

Weans should be wild, and with us they only get wilder!

Join Feral in Fife's new sessions at The Ecology Centre (Kinghorn, Fife) where we learn about bugs and beasties, trees and tall tales, and follow the seasons through craft and outdoor play. Every week there is something different to do, and Winter brings with it plenty of fallen leaves, twigs and berries to discover. These session are targeted at 'pre-school age' children, roughly 1-5yo.

£5 per child for one-offs and bookings on the day
£4 per child when you book any 3 sessions or more
£1 DISCOUNT for siblings

Session 1: 9.30am start (early birds can amuse themselves in the grounds), 10.30am finish promptly
Session 2: 11am start, 12pm finish promptly
WARNING: Any hangers-on will be put to work!

Bookings are usually through the Feral In Fife Facebook page, or through personal communication with Finn, the session facilitator. You can take Finn's email or phone number from him personally.

Please note that this is NOT an Ecology Centre event, so please contact Feral In Fife directly for all enquiries.
Website to be published soon (feralforkids.com).

How it works: bring your kids in appropriate clothing - which almost always means 'full plastics' (waterproofs) and wellies - then just sit back and see what the wild little ones want to discover. We leave a scattering of toys about the garden, which is completely fenced, and let the children lead the activities for at least half of the session; for the other half of the session there will be a guided activity such as arts & crafts, musical play or treasure hunting. Throughout the hour we try to facilitate self-directed play as much as possible, meaning that the kids are in full choice at any time during the session to join in, drop out and involve themselves in whatever calls to them most.

For those new to this type of session, it is completely normal to have your child wrapped around your leg for the first few weeks. Over time, your leg will become free again as the weans become more comfortable (and more wild!) in their surroundings, creating close bonds with the other little ferals around them and taking an interest in the plants, the animals and the games that we play.

We provide fruit and crackers along with hot drinks and milk. Snack time is whenever hunger strikes, and occasionally we may seek out our own snacks from nature's own larder, the hedgerow! On very special occasions, we may also huddle around a cosy campfire to share stories over toasted treats.

So let down you hair mums and dads, grannies and grandpas, carers and minders: there's unlimited tea, coffee and fun to be had!

PS. If you've ever been to The Ecology's Centre's Mini Growers Club then you're in for a treat - the sessions will be very similar, and it's even run by the same guy.--

Are you a parent of older kids who is dying to get outside more on a weekday? Are you an enthusiastic outdoorish sort of a clown, with a creative mind and a spirit for collaboration? If you are either of these things, and would like a new outlet for your brilliance, then please let us know - there may well be a volunteer opportunity available for you. So get in touch if you love being outside, playing with kids and chopping up fruit! This opportunity could turn into paid work on a longer-term.

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