Women's Circle - New Moon in Pisces


Women's Circle - New Moon in Pisces

Women's Circle - New Moon in Pisces image

Come and experience the joy and connection you get when you sit in Circle with a group of like minded women, who are all focused on taking the time they need to unwind and do some deep spiritual work on themselves.

This Women's Circle is timed to coincide with New Moon energy - making it a really powerful time to set intentions for the month ahead, and beyond. It is a safe space where you can share your sorrows, your frustrations AND your joys, knowing that you will not be judged, whatever emotions you turn up with.

The Circle focuses on personal and spiritual growth, working on the belief that when we heal and grow ourselves, we help to heal the planet.

Expect rituals, ceremonies, discussions and journaling. We may get up and move around, movement practices are designed to be inclusive of all levels of fitness and ability.

This New Moon, the theme for the Circle is : Feminine Intelligence - I Trust My Intuitive Wisdom

Circle is £20, when you confirm attendance, you will receive payment information. Payment is required to confirm your space.

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