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General Manager

Accountable to:





Board of Trustees


The Ecology Centre, Kinghorn loch, Burntisland, UK


About the Role

As the General Manager (GM) of The Ecology Centre, you will have the opportunity to make a real difference and impact at an operational level for the benefit of the community and the environment. You will take a strategic lead in developing and sustaining the organisation's community-facing services, activities, volunteering, fundraising, and external partnerships, working closely with the Board of Trustees and our membership base. Building on our current strengths, you will lead our competent staff team and the growing number of volunteers to deliver a wide range of grant-funded projects and income-generating activities, including but not limited to, trading from The Nest Café and the employability pipeline in Fife.

Drawing inspiration from our vision, you will instil a sense of purpose and direction for the future, clarifying the organisation’s objectives and inspiring staff to embody our core values. Working collaboratively with the management team, you will be responsible for the overall organisational and program development and preparing reports for the Board of Trustees.

You will support the staff team, encouraging continuous learning and development and ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to meet present and future challenges. You will be committed to the highest standards of operational delivery and will empower trust by delivering objectives in a reliable and professional manner, promoting harmony by understanding and responding to the needs of Centre staff and acting as an important bridge between day-to-day operations and the activities and needs of the Board of Trustees.

Key Responsibilities

As GM, you will be directly responsible for sustainability in all its forms (including, but not limited to, environmental, commercial and reputational) understanding this as an opportunity, driver and risk to the Centre’s successful achievement of its aims. You will be responsible for the profitable operation of the business, both through development and delivery of a robust pipeline of fundraising applications, and through contribution to the strategic vision towards - and delivery of - activities to promote organic growth of non-restricted funds.

To achieve success, you will also build and maintain effective relationships and partnerships with relevant bodies, education institutions, local networks, and other environmental organisations across the United Kingdom, including Project Seagrass and WWF.

Personal Qualities

For a full description of the General Managers role requirements and job description please e-mail

How to apply:

Closing Date: Thursday 21st December. For a full description of the General Managers role requirements and job description please e-mail

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