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Most of us will have seen the latest social media craze - the #10YearChallenge and a lot of our followers will know we celebrated our 20th anniversary last year.

These have been great opportunities for us to reflect, and remind ourselves about what we were doing 10 years ago...

10 years ago our Education Manager Claire was tying up her first project at the Centre. 'Wild Things in the Woods' was an environmental arts programme that used nature, art and storytelling as therapeutic experiences for vulnerable young people. Claire had been shadowing Ronnie Mackie and the project was the start of the Centre's therapeutic work. 10 years on we're just as passionate about the transformative and healing powers of time spent in nature.

We're proud to let you know that Claire is speaking at Fife's first ACEs conference (along with Education Officer Calum Murray) in March about the benefits to mental and physical wellbeing of time in nature. Drawing on over 10 years of experience working with young people who have experienced adversity in the outdoors.

Claire and the whole team at the Centre are passionate about bringing people and nature together for the benefit of both. 

For more information about the conference see link below:-

Fife ACE's conference

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