Award winning education team!

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Award winning education team!

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Congratulations to our Education team who won “Best School Partnership” award at the recent Fife Business Awards.

Education Manager, Claire Reid said "we are delighted to have our partnership with Pathhead Primary School recognised. We've been working with the school, its pupils, and parents for over 7 years. This is hugely important to the depth of work we are able to do and key for our therapeutic programmes. We love working with a staff team as dedicated, passionate and skilled as the teachers at Pathhead and with pupils who consistently inspire us with their resilience, enthusiasm and energy." 

The Ecology Centre's partnership with Pathhead Primary School has allowed us to develop some really interesting and innovative work. We've forged a partnership with Fife Council which empowers the pupils to shape their local woodlands - to pick litter, plant trees and create habitats. We now work with parents and carers as well as pupils and outdoor learning has really become a part of community life. 

Thank you to Pathhead Primary School and Fife Chamber of Commerce and well done to the Education team for their tireless work.  


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