Bumper tool shipment off to Malawi

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Bumper tool shipment off to Malawi

Bumper tool shipment off to Malawi  image

What's in the boxes?

Well, they are full to the brim of refurbished life changing tools that are now on their way to Malawi!

We would normally celebrate sending a shipment off with photos of all the volunteers involved and a celebratory lunch, but we can't do that just now. 

Despite lockdown, this is the largest single tool shipment the Tool Shed has ever completed and was only possible by our committed volunteers. Many of whom took tools home so that the shipment was ready.

Thank you to all the volunteers involved these refurbished tools will make a huge difference to people in Malawi and to everyone who has donated tools for this project. You can find out more about this project here:-


We hope everyone is doing OK.

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