Cosy home for the Tool Shed Project

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Cosy home for the Tool Shed Project

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As winter set in, our small group of tool refurbishers based at The Ecology Centre soon felt the cold in the draughty barn they were using. Thanks to a grant from the Change Fund, they were able to build a cosy new shed so they could continue their work throughout the winter months. The Tool Shed Officer Jamie Vint commented “It was getting a bit parky in the barn, I was running out of thermals, the new shed is just what we needed”. The volunteers obviously agreed as the sessions every Monday & Tues afternoons and Friday mornings have been well attended and hundreds of rusty old tools have been brought back to useful life.

Happy knowing they are making a difference, one volunteer recently said “This project makes me feel like I am giving something back” while another added “It’s good to get out of the house and do something different”.  The group recently sent a large carpentry kit to a training  school in Tanzania and continue to supply free gardening tools to community groups in and around Burntisland and Kinghorn.

As an extension to The Tools Shed, old manual Singer sewing machines are also being refurbished. These are sent to Africa where they can be used to generate income to support entire families. Volunteers with an interest in sewing machines will be welcomed with open arms as volunteers are on a steep learning curve with these!

If you would like to come and see what is involved, no experience is necessary although anyone with a working knowledge of hand tools will find this voluntary work particularly rewarding,  then why not give Jamie or Jo a call on 01592 891567 or e-mail or simply drop in to one of the regular sessions? See the new website at for details of workshop times.

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