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Four new lawn mowers at The Ecology Centre.

You may have noticed sheep grazing our meadow. These are our new woolly recruits, on loan to us from Scottish Wildlife Trust’s ‘Flying Flock’.

These four tupps  - two Cheviots and two Texels - are our ‘conservation grazers’ and are doing a fantastic job for wildlife.

From now until early summer they will chomp away on the grass that will soon start to grow underneath course vegetation left from last year.  By quietly doing what sheep do best - munching, plodding, generally lying around and top-dressing the soil with their droppings – they are enabling and improving the meadow’s biodiversity.

  • Their munching reduces dominant vegetation which outgrows and overshadows other delicate herbs and flowers;
  • Their plodding and lying around flattens dead vegetation. This allows light to penetrate and creates holes and furrows for existing seeds to get a toe-hold. A greater variety of plants and flowers provides nectar and pollen for bees, butterflies, moths and hoverflies. 
  • Top dressing the soil attracts lots of other insects (beetles in particular) that help break down their pellets and in turn, provide extra food for nesting birds.  

Please be mindful that live stock are easily spooked by stray animals and disturbance. These are not pets and should be left in peace to do what they are doing so well. So please keep dogs under close control (preferably on a lead) and on no account enter the field.

Our volunteers check on the sheep everyday, but if you have cause for concern, please contact the office Mon-Fri (9-5pm) or at weekends / out of hours please call 07926912019.

Thank ewe!

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