Friday 17th January - centre closure

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Friday 17th January - centre closure

Friday 17th January - centre closure image

Please note The Ecology Centre will be closed on Friday 17th January.

We are very sad to say that our staff and volunteers will be attending the funeral of one of our much loved volunteers - Douglas Ward.

Douglas was one our longest serving volunteers at the Centre, he came every Wednesday - without fail. He was so cross when the ‘Beast from the East’ hit in 2018 as it stopped him from getting to his ‘work’!

If you were not in on a Wednesday he would always pull you up the next time he saw you and ask where you were and how he was here working hard!

That’s what the Centre was to Douglas – it was his work and he took it very seriously. You would find him every Wednesday filling the bird feeders, making sure the windows were gleaming and counting all the lunch donations. You knew it was lunchtime when he came into the office for the donations tub.

We will miss his laugh, we will miss his company and we will miss him trying to get into every social media picture! He was a much loved, dedicated and valued member of The Ecology Centre.

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