Land deal sealed for Centre

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Land deal sealed for Centre

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We are thrilled, and a little relieved to announce that The Ecology Centre has managed to conclude the sale of the 5 acre site at the east side of Kinghorn Loch which means we are here to stay! 

Our Chair, Tony Payne had this to say “This is a fantastic site overlooking the loch that we have being trying to secure as a new home for the Centre for over 10 years. We have had a lease on the site for the past couple of years enabling us to initiate some projects but ownership will help us to achieve our dream of a new base”. 

We were able to secure the land thanks to the invaluable help and support that we have received from across the community and would like to say thank you and acknowledge that we couldn’t have done it without that support.  Owning the land on behalf of the community is a significant achievement and we will work hard to continue to deliver this great resource. 

We have also had a great deal of support in the form of funding from the Scottish Land Fund Committee.  Their Chair John Watt, commented “I am delighted to hear that The Ecology Centre has now officially purchased, and taken into community ownership, the plot at Kinghorn Loch.  This follows a Scottish Land Fund grant, back in February, of £54,901 to purchase the land required to construct the new phase of this social enterprise.  This will ensure the centre‘s future, as well as continued employment and training opportunities for local people.  The project is an excellent example of communities using the resources available through the Scottish Land Fund to meet their needs and I wish them every success" 

Alison Crook, Development Manager who has been hurdling all sorts of obstacles to secure the land deal commented “It’s been a long road but I’m so happy we’ve made it.  Kinghorn Loch is a special place and The Ecology Centre such a great organisation.  I’m really looking forward to moving onto the next stage now! 

So what does happen now?  Julie Samuel, General Manager explains the plans for the site "We will be moving from our current base at Craigencalt Farm to the lochside site in November.  It will take us some time to get the new Centre fully up and running so we will be tackling this in stages. It‘s an exciting time for us and we are all looking forward to creating a new base.  Kinghorn Loch is held in great affection by local people so we will be taking great care about how we develop the site by involving local people and looking after the wildlife." 

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