More site vandalism at The Ecology Centre

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More site vandalism at The Ecology Centre

More site vandalism at The Ecology Centre  image

This is what we came in to yesterday at the Centre – a smashed window, anti-social behaviour in the bird hide and more slashes to the polytunnel…

As a small charity we can’t stress enough that we don’t have funds to continually replace and repair items. This is not the first instance of vandalism and as a result of this rise in antisocial behaviour we applied for funding for CCTV and were fortunate to get some. The CCTV was installed last week so we have footage of who did this and the police are now involved. The CCTV is all over the site so we can see and record any anti-social activity at all times.

Please share this with the hope that it might reach the people who are doing it and deter them from the area.

To ensure we can fix all the damage and continue to make this a pleasant, safe environment for everyone in the community we would appreciate if you could consider making a donation.


Thank you for your support.

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