Pond dipping at Mossmoran

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Pond dipping at Mossmoran

Pond dipping at Mossmoran  image

The Ecology Centre has worked with local primary schools to run pond dipping sessions at the Mossmoran site, near Cowdenbeath.  The pond dipping sessions have allowed pupils who might not otherwise participate in outdoor learning to explore biodiversity. ExxonMobil have previously provided a donation towards the cost of running these sessions and provided assurances regarding the safety of the site. This arrangement has been documented in our annual reports that are published on our website every year.

The Ecology Centre is a charity and is led by a voluntary committee that meets every 6 weeks. The committee has been reviewing the Centre's position regarding this work and have discussed our relationship with ExxonMobil, as we do with all our funders and donors as part of our annual review process. The committee has agreed to terminate this relationship and this decision was formalised at a committee meeting held on Thursday 6th June.   

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