your peace, our place Talk tent, sponsored by Mind & Body Studio

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your peace, our place Talk tent, sponsored by Mind & Body Studio

your peace, our place Talk tent, sponsored by Mind & Body Studio image

Talk tent, sponsored by Mind & Body Studio

We’re delighted and excited to share with you our line-up of speakers for our ‘Your peace, Our Place’ Talk Tent, sponsored by Mind & Body Studios. 

Ruth Devlin

Ruth set up Let’s Talk Menopause to raise awareness and to provide accurate, evidence based information. Her background as a nurse means she is perfectly placed to bridge the gap between the medical profession and women in general, she has extensively researched the menopause in addition to attending the RCN accredited menopause courses. She is a member of the British Menopause Society and has liaised with menopause specialists to establish what women really want, and need, to know about the menopause.

She’s passionate about providing women and employers with evidence-based information and support, helping women to make informed decisions about how to manage their menopause, their overall health and well-being and so improve their quality of life.

She has contributed on several occasions on various media platforms including, BBC Radio 4s Woman’s hour, Radio Scotland, The Insiders Guide to the Menopause documentary with Kirsty Wark and most recently BBC Breakfast.

Ruth works within the community and the workplace. Within the community providing workshops where needed and holding community drop in sessions. Within the workplace she tailors workshops to suit employers needs and has worked with many clients including the Royal College of Midwives, local councils, Historic Environmental Scotland amongst others.

She has recently published a book 'Men…Let’s Talk Menopause' available through Waterstones/Amazon - the essential, easy to read guide for any partners out there but also useful for any woman to read as well.



Sheryne Christie

Sheryne Christie is a Mummy first as well as the owner of Yogabellies Fife. She will be talking about her journey with anxiety, how it started, how she manages it and why she like to think of it as an old Auntie coming to visit. 

Sheryne is passionate about working with women to take time out for themselves, using gentle movement and yoga to help them keep their mind healthy. She also works with organisations to help them create a work environment where people feel supported and where they can Come Alive being seen as whole person and allowing them to spend their time doing a job they love.



Dawn Watson

My story is about how I completely turned my life around with running, diet and exercise. I’ll share how I’ve went from being overweight to losing 4 stone by becoming fit and active. I’m now very passionate about all things running and now use my experience to help and inspire others.



Claire Reid, award winning Education Manager at The Ecology Centre

Claire is at the forefront of outdoor learning in Fife and understands its therapeutic qualities. It’s been proven that time spent in nature can help us feel well, but increasing research shows that it is actually integral to good physical health and emotional wellbeing.   Studies show that just being in nature strengthens our immune system, improves recovery after illness and reduces mortality.  Claire will be sharing her knowledge and experience of the power of the great outdoors and our mental health and wellbeing.


The Strength Lab, Huw Davis

Local CrossFit gym owner, personal trainer and all round fitness and nutrition guru – Huw Davis from The Strength Lab will be giving a talk on “How to have your cake and lose weight too’ – he is well versed on this topic and has done numerous talks about how to best fuel our bodies, while running one of the most child friendly CrossFit gyms in Fife!


Susan Galloway, Sleeping Giant Healing and Personal Development

Shamanism: Ancient Medicine for Modern Times

Join Susan to learn why so many people are returning to the ancient spiritual practices of shamanism which have been in existence since before the last ice age. Shamanism honours the planet and all its forms of life and brings forward spiritual wisdom together with a heart-full of love that offers real healing and empowerment. Susan will explain more about the spiritual ceremonies involved and will share stories of life-changing healing that she has seen take place in others. She will also share how she has used these practices to help her to overcome significant personal challenges and how this has transformed her life as a result.

Susan follows a line of healers and seers in her family. She began healing at a young age when she found herself communicating with helping spirits, most often in nature, and soon followed the path of the Celtic healer and druid. She is a holistic therapist and Reiki Master and has undertaken advanced training in shamanism, including work with indigenous shamans from South America; before becoming a committed student of Nepalese shaman Bhola Banstola. Susan is also a coach who specialises in talent development and an organisational development consultant on major change programmes. She works with individual clients and groups of all ages and is passionate about helping people reconnect to their inner wisdom and power.

Alison Smith

If you’re feeling a little flat, and are needing a little more get up and go Alison Smith will be sharing the 7 keys to having a buzzing life with insight from the garden.

20 years ago Alison started using gardens as metaphors for our lives. She realised talking about pruning elements of our lives, or watering our confidence, or feeding our positivity made more sense than more logical and theoretical discussions.

Since that time, she’s worked with individuals and organisations using a number of unconventional coaching tools to help them get back on track. One common feature of all the tools she uses is that they more easily bypass the reasons we’ve not made progress in the past.  In this talk she’ll be taking insight from having a buzzing garden and applying it to our lives.


Thank you to Susan Simpson from Mind & Body Studio in Kirkcaldy for sponsoring our Talk Tent. 



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