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Tool Shed - supporting refugees in Samos

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The Ecology Centre’s Tool Shed have been working with Scottish charity - Re-Act, Refugee Action Scotland supporting their project by supplying them with a carpentry tool kit for use by refugees in Samos, Greece.

Re-Act, Refugee Action Scotland was set up in 2015 in response to the refugee crisis in Europe.  A group of young friends filled their vans with clothing donations and took them down to Calais.  After working in the camp they realised aid was needed elsewhere in Europe. They started collecting huge amounts of humanitarian aid and took it out to Croatia, Macedonia, Hungary and Greece.

The charity soon had groups of volunteers over Scotland collecting for them.  In Fife they linked up with Refuge Fife, who have been a huge support as has the local Church of Latter Day Saints in Kirkcaldy who host "Donation Days" once a month in their church hall with lots of help from other local church groups around Fife.

Most of this work is carried out by volunteers who fund their own way to these countries and any monetary donations received goes towards fuel for the truck.

In Samos, Re-Act have focused strongly on education for the children and adults and recreational activities. A building has recently been leased in Samos to enable them to do this work as previously they were sitting on blankets under olive trees, fighting with the ants!

This has made a huge difference to the refugees.  Men and women have joined activity classes. From language, craft work to photography etc.  Volunteer carpenters are due to arrive in Samos at the end of June for two months, they have various projects planned, hence the appeal for tools. The young men are very interested in this as are a few of the older ones who are skilled tradesmen.

They’re working with the refugees in Samos and are providing educational and recreational workshops.  One of these workshops is a carpentry course.  The course is aimed at the younger refugees with help from older members of the camp who are skilled tradesmen.  The Centre’s Tool Shed is delighted to be able to support this project. 

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The carpentry tool kit provided by The Ecology Centre consists of 199 tool items including power tools and consumable items such as screws, nails and sandpaper.  Hopefully everything that would be required to set up a full wood working workshop.  The carpentry kit was worked on by 15 volunteers who attend the Tool Shed at The Ecology Centre and the box housing all the tools was made by the Tool Shed volunteers who come to our dementia friendly tool shed sessions on a Thursday. 

Tool Shed Supervisor Lee Brown said “the Tool Shed team work with a number of organisations across the world and locally - all with the aim of refurbishing tools and getting them put back to reuse while making a big difference to people’s lives.  It’s fantastic to be involved in this project knowing that this carpentry kit is going to good use and support the refugees in Samos.”

Janet McCall a volunteer from Re-Act, Refugee Action Scotland said “the carpentry kit donation from The Ecology Centre’s Tool Shed will help immensely with the creation of wood work classes.  The volunteer carpenters hope to have classes for the young ones and look at constructing some solid structures too.  Giving the refugees a chance to learn and be creative or share their skills goes a long way to alleviating the stress they are forced to endure.  We cannot thank the Tool Shed enough for their very generous support.”

The Tool Shed can only continue to support these projects with the continued generosity of the community and they are always looking for all types of unwanted or unloved tools including; carpentry, workshop, gardening tools and Singer sewing machines.

These donations enable further development of the Tool Shed’s operation and continued support to local charity groups.  If you have any of these that you no longer need and would like to donate them, please either drop them off at The Ecology Centre or contact Lee Brown on 01592 891567 to arrange collection.

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