Tool Shedders restore traders wheelbarrow to its former glory!

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Tool Shedders restore traders wheelbarrow to its former glory!

Tool Shedders restore traders wheelbarrow to its former glory!  image

The Ecology Centre’s Tool Shed staff and volunteers have had a busy few months restoring a traders barrow.  The wheelbarrow belongs to volunteers from Friends of Pittencrieff Park who use it at Dunfermline’s Pittencrieff Park. 

Friends of Pittencrieff Park got in touch with the Centre last year to see if the Tool Shedders could restore the wheelbarrow, as it was in a state of disrepair and they were no longer able to use it.  The Tool Shed volunteers love a project and Tool Shed Officer Lee Brown thought it would be a good opportunity for his volunteers.

The traders wheelbarrow before refurbishment 

The main part of the refurbishment involved restoring all the pieces that could be salvaged.  This was completed by volunteers who come along to the dementia friendly Thursday volunteering sessions and required a lot of paint stripping using heat guns and much sanding and shaping of the wood.

The top of the wheelbarrow had to be completely replaced and was rebuilt by the Tool Shed’s Friday volunteers.  Lee said “This was a great project, which provided a worthy and varied activity for our Thursday volunteers, and was very much a group effort as our Friday volunteers tackled the main rebuild of the top with the fluted edging.  Our volunteers did what they do best - bringing life back into something that might have been discarded and not used again.  I’m really proud of this project and all the effort by our volunteers.”

Harry Dunn, Chairperson of Friends of Pittencrieff Park said: “We wish to thank The Ecology Centre, and all the staff and volunteers involved with the project, for their great work in returning what was, an unfortunate pile of old wood, back into a fully refurbished and splendid traders wheelbarrow.”

“We intend to make full use of the traders wheelbarrow in the coming spring and summer season, to display and sell bedding plants and shrubs to the Dunfermline public and anyone else from the local area.  Hopefully to gather funds to improve, and maintain the Glen, and to let people know about our group of volunteers.”

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