Totally Locally - fiverfest offer!

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Totally Locally - fiverfest offer!

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We were delighted to take part in the recent Totally Locally campaign, but this time we were part of the newly launched Kinghorn Totally Locally campaign.  Whether in Kinghorn or in Burntisland this is a great campaign that brings local businesses and social enterprises together with some great ‘Fiverfest’ offers. 

Our ‘Fiverfest’ offer included our cookbook we launched last winter for £5.00 (instead of £7.00).  Due to COVID-19 we’ve not been able to get out and about or host events at the Centre to show off our new cookbook.  So, we’re extending the offer until 21st December.  We have a limited supply - so get yours quick via our website or pop into the Centre.  It’s full of hearty and wholesome recipes and makes a great stocking filler! 

Use the link to take you to our shop.

Thanks and well done to Lisa Ferguson for organising the Kinghorn event.

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