wanted - new volunteers for a new project!

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wanted - new volunteers for a new project!

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We're looking for new volunteers as we're about to start a NEW project developing English language (and life) skills at The Ecology Centre! Working with small groups of students we will offer activities like sewing, cooking, gardening and working with tools - working while we chat.

To complete our support team we are looking for a volunteer to help with the gardening and possibly the cooking groups. Expertise is not at all essential, a desire to help people practice their language and work with our staff to support the activities is way more important.

The sessions will run from 10 am - 1 pm on Tuesday mornings for 13 weeks and will include a shared lunch at 12.30pm. A short introduction to the Centre and helpful hints about encouraging language practice and being sensitive to cultural issues (several students will have resettled here from Syria for example) will be held on Tuesday 17th April.

Contact Jo at the Centre on jo@theecologycentre.org if this sounds like something you would be interested in supporting.


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