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Your peace, our place - workshops

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Here’s a bit more information about all the workshops we’ve got lined up so far – we are adding to this line up all the time, please keep checking this page for timeslots and social media for updates.  Many of the workshops are bookable events – to book on to one of the sessions, please come to the Welcome desk and sign up as soon as you arrive!  Spaces are limited*.

The Phoenix Firewalk

The Phoenix Firewalk is run by husband and wife team Barry and Marina Collins.  Barry is a certified Master Firewalk Instructor and Marina is a Firewalk Instructor.  With a background spanning over a decade in personal development and having studied with some of the biggest names in the field, their unique approach ensures an indelible experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.  The team will be providing a unique opportunity to empower people to take control of their own inner peace and happiness in a way that demonstrates the opportunities that many people miss because they are so fixated on what they perceive as their reality.  For a select few there will be an opportunity to experience focus and ‘paying attention’ in a way few experience on a daily basis by walking on a bed of broken glass, as well as a few other surprises.  Not to be missed!

Alison Smith - Landscaping Your Life walk (30 minutes)

If it’s time to turn a corner in an area of your life, if you’re tired of going round in circles or you simply can’t see the wood for the trees why not join Alison Smith for a gentle walk to transform the current situation.  As we walk, we’ll be using nature as our coach as we allow nature’s landscapes to help us tap into our inner wisdom, and help release the blocks to moving forward.

(and all done without the need to share anything about the current situation with anyone.)

Changeworks – soap felting workshops

Changeworks, Burntisland will be on hand to offer advice on reducing your use of energy and other resources and will also be offering free mini workshops to show you how to make felted soap, a plastic free alternative to soap dispensers, making your bar of soap last longer (and eliminating that ‘soap gunk’!). Felting your soap adds a protective, light and natural exfoliating layer that shrinks as you use it. Eventually all that’s left is a small ball of woolly fluff, so no mushy bar of melted goo or tiny unusable shards of soap left in the soap dish.We will provide all materials so you can take your very own felted bar home with you.

Wendy McLeod – The Healing Tree

The Healing Tree offers Craniosacral Therapy and Reiki, taking a holistic approach to health and wellbeing and working with you to identify your individual needs.  Throughout life we encounter many different challenges which can result in us holding these experiences both physically and emotionally within our bodies, which can have a lasting effect on our wellbeing.
It’s essential to support the healing process that we evaluate where these blockages exist and support the release of these stresses on the body in a gentle and support way.  Wendy will be offering taster sessions of 15 mins for £5 or 30 mins for £10 on the day.     

Liz Harris – Shamanic drumming

Liz is a Shamanic Practitioner, Celtic Reiki Master and Ogham Tree Therapist.  She will be available at the Earthship Centre offering taster sessions and information about all the therapies she offers.  She will also be offering drumming sessions – no experience is necessary, beginners are welcome!  All you will need is an open heart and an open mind!

Craig Gilbert – mindful practitioner

Craig is a mindful practitioner and self-employed as Zen Life Fife, he will be offering an opportunity to take a mindful walk for around 30 minutes around the labyrinth at the Earthship Centre. You will take your time navigating the labyrinth, practising being in the present moment with our breath and letting go of thoughts, with the promise of discovering an insight to a problem we're facing at the centre of the labyrinth. From there we will proceed back to the entrance, with an open heart and gratitude for our life journey.  Chris will be around all day to chat about mindfulness. 

NITYA wellbeing

Nitya is offering Energy Awareness sessions.  Have you ever walked into a room and felt its occupants have argued? Have you ever felt someone is ‘in your space’, or standing too close to you in the supermarket queue for example?  Have you ever had a gut feeling about something which proved to be correct?  That’s ENERGY!  At Nitya’s sessions you will learn how to discern between the energy of your thoughts, feelings and gut instinct, how to enable each one to safely, gently and positively steer your life.  Using practical exercises, guided meditations and discussion you will identify, understand and develop your connection with your energy fields to empower your life, daily.  Each session lasts 40 minutes. 

Your guide is Nitya - an Energy Healer, Meditator, Crystal Healer, Complementary Therapist, founder and director of Aberdeen’s first holistic wellbeing centre and now runs Kinross based ‘Nitya Wellbeing’.   She steers her life, choices and intentions using her own knowledge and awareness of her energies. 


Healthy Sole – reflexology

I have successfully trained and qualified in the Ingham method of Reflexology in 2013.  I am also a member of the Association of Reflexologists.  The Ingram Method is a globally recognised qualification.  

I am currently working my practice from home in Kinghorn, Fife.  I want to promote the benefits of Reflexology and help people understand that it is more than just a foot massage. Too name a few Reflexology can help reduce pain, stress and anxiety. It is a very relaxing treatment for those who are happy to get their feet out

*Please note - there may be a small charge for some of the workshops available on the day.



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