Recent feedback

Recent feedback

What our customers say

Recent feedback from teachers and youth leaders:-

“Everything is prepared, well organised and well delivered. A great learning opportunity for all.” Heather Stewart, Teacher

"It helped bring our minibeast project to life and put it into an exciting context." Emma McLucus, teacher, Dulloch Primary School

"Fantastic enthusiasm, encouraged all the children to participate fully.  Thank you." Shona Munro, teacher, St Johns Primary School

"Their hard work, knowledge, enthusiasm and child centred approach engaged the children and made the experience both relevant and rewarding. Furthermore, the children were allowed to take risks, use their imagination and develop real life skills, this was certainly outdoor and active learning at its best!"  Lesley Haldane, Teacher

“We’re doing loads of fun stuff with nature like making wee pictures from petals and stuff, and eating nasturtium flowers…You get to close your eyes and listen to all the sounds of nature around you. It keeps you fit walking up the hills. I liked looking at the creatures under the stones and mats – I‘ve liked everything!” Ryan, 12

“Fresh air; a fresh look at nature, and a fresh approach to learning… the pupils have exceeded our expectations, their experience here has given them a huge boost – motivation for learning and, more importantly, increased self-esteem.” Wanda Mackie, Kirkcaldy High School

 “Respite is critical for young carers who can come together with other children in similar situations so that they feel they are not alone… It’s great to see them try new things, have fun and forget about their worries and just be children for a while. These sessions have been such a great way to increase confidence and self-esteem." Rose Davis, Fife Young Carers