Holistic Networking Circle - MONEY MINDSET


Holistic Networking Circle - MONEY MINDSET

Holistic Networking Circle - MONEY MINDSET image

Entrepreneurs need support too! Are you a female business owner? Do you make enough time for your own growth and self care? If you are not looking after your own needs, how on earth are you going to be able to look after your clients properly?

It can be hard to fit in time for just ‘you’ when you are working at growing your business – so that’s where our Networking Circle comes in. This is an opportunity to learn skills that will benefit you AND your business, take time to focus on your own inner work, and, as an added bonus, the chance to make some proper connections with other business women – this is so much more than a networking session!

Each month I will lead a circle, holding space for each of you, so you can concentrate on your own needs. Circles will follow the same general outline – so you can always expect some of the following - ceremony, journeying, & meditation journaling exercises rituals to aid release embodied movement to aid creativity (nothing too energetic, don’t worry!) breath work time for you to be heard, in our sharing circle There will be time at the beginning and end to check in with each other, offer support, mentorship, arrange collaborations – the usual networking stuff, but with added heart. Each circle will also include a presentation from a guest circle member – in a topic that will serve our inner growth, and our business growth too.

For this Networking Circle, we will welcome the amazing Dr Morgana McCabe Allan PHD who will be talking us through an important yet often overlooked factor in successful business – money mindset! She will coach us through the basics before deep diving into the topic- showing us that we can overcome our negative thoughts and patterns – even the ones we didn’t realise we had! Morgana usually charges £500 per session, and you can get her knowledge included in the price of the Networking Circle - can you afford to miss out on knowledge that could change your life?

This event will be held at the Ecology Centre, at the magical Kinghorn Loch. Tea and coffee will be provided during the session.

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