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South Fife Snorkel Trail 

Photo Credit: Lewis M Jefferies

Our trail

This self-led Snorkel trail features five snorkel sites on Fife's southern coast. Our snorkel trail has been developed to showcase the best of what's on offer beneath the waves in the region. So, if you're looking to hone your snorkelling skills or find a new spot for your next snorkel, the South Fife Trail has you covered. Hosting both beginner friendly and advanced snorkel zones this tail is suited for all abilities. The South Fife Snorkel Trail is part of the Scottish Wildlife Trust's wider Snorkel Trail Network. Follow the link to their page for information on snorkel safety and further snorkel trails in Scotland's waters. 

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Follow the link below to the South Fife Snorkel Trail leaflet

Pack of Fish

Our Sites & Marine Life

Kinghorn Bay: two advanced snorkel zones fringe the sides of the bay; rocky walls provide habitat for a range of mobile and sessile organisms. Be aware of the activities of the RNLI here, remain to the sides of the bay and remain visible to the crew's activities. 

Hoch-ma-toch: an advance site bursting with marine life; the creviced rocks and kelp provide refuge for a range of marine species. 

Seafield Tower: this is a protected site for breeding harbour and grey seals, so do not enter the water when they are present, as this will cause them disturbance. Two rocky islands, a short distance from shore support towering kelp, large sea urchins and  starfish.

Longcraig: Seafield beach is a ideal location to develop your snorkelling ability. For advanced snorkellers Longcraig rock offers a rich variety of marine life. 

Ravenscraig: supporting both beginner and advanced zones. Stunning submarine geology can be seen while navigating along the coastline.

Species you might see...

Brown Crab
Common Urchin
Sea Stickleback
Dahlia Anemone
Pipe Fish

Snorkel Safety 

Snorkelling can be a dangerous activity, so make sure you have taken all precautionary measures to ensure your snorkel is a safe one. Check the weather conditions and sea state before you plan to go for a snorkel. This is a self-led snorkel trail, therefore you are responsible for your health and safety when in and out of the water. 

Raymond Besant
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