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South Fife Snorkel Trail 

Photo Credit: Lewis M Jefferies

Snorkel Trail Background

The Ecology Centre in partnership with the Scottish Wildlife Trust have developed a series of snorkel routes along the South Fife coast, surrounding the historic town of Kirkcaldy and the village of Kinghorn. This trail includes five snorkel routes, three in Kirkcaldy (Seafield, Longcraig and Ravenscraig) and two in Kinghorn Bay. This trail will showcase the best of the marine life here in South Fife, from kelp forests teeming with urchins, starfish, anemones and juvenile fish to rocky outcrops encrusted with sessile organisms. We hope through your snorkelling adventures you develop an appreciation for what lies beneath the waves of Fife's coast.

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Our Sites & Marine Life

The five snorkel routes have been hand picked for the incredible marine life, submarine geography and accessibility. The two advanced snorkel routes (Seafield and Longcraig) are our most biodiverse sites, hosting thickets of kelp bristling with life. These two sites are assigned as advanced due to their distance from the coast, however they are worth the visit once you're more comfortable snorkelling. 

If you are new to snorkelling why not try out our three beginner routes, which are easily accessible and close to shore. These sites should give you the opportunity to develop your snorkelling craft and provide you with the opportunity to investigate Fife's submarine coastal geography and marine life. 

Snorkel Trail Map & Species

Velvet Swimming Crab.JPG

Velvet Swimming Crab

Anemone 2.JPG

Beadlet Anemone

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Dahlia Anemone

How to get involved

This is a self led snorkel trail, so if you are interested in getting into the water, we urge you to plan your day accordingly and dress suitably. Be aware of the tides, weather, swell, wind conditions and always make sure to go with a buddy. Please inform someone of where you are headed and when you expect to be in and out of the water. Even when our waters are calm and tranquil there is the potential for something to go wrong, so always be prepared.

Nathan Seafield.JPG
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