Shamanic Drumming Circle


Shamanic Drumming Circle

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Welcome to our monthly Shamanic Drumming Circles.

Through connection with the vibrational energies of the drums or rattles, and an introduction to shamanic journeying, explore your own personal way to experience healing and connection to the ancestors, whist being supported in sacred space. My vision is to open a space where like minded people can come together to connect as a group and individually to experience their own spiritual awareness….but most of all… to enjoy the journey and a sense of community.

No experience is necessary, beginners are welcome

All you need is an open heart, an open mind and a drum or rattle. A few drums will be available on the day.

Date: Sunday 12th April, Sunday 26th April, Sunday 10th May, Sunday 24th May, Sunday 14th June, Sunday 28th June, Sunday 12th July, Sunday 26th July, Sunday 9th August, Sunday 23rd August, Sunday 13th September, Sunday 27th September, Sunday 11th October, Sunday 25th October, Sunday 15th November, Sunday 29th November and Sunday 13th December 2020

Time: 2pm - 4pm  

Price: £10 with tea and refreshments.

To reserve your place or for further information contact Liz Harris on
07582 608317 or

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